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Here you will find useful information, tips, advice and articles on how best to Learn English and Speak English.

We hope that you will become a better English speaker and English writer by using the Learn English tools and resources available on our site and recommended sites.

Where ever you may be (UK, London, Canada, Vancouver, Ireland, Malta, USA, New Zealand, India, anywhere really) if you want to learn English, then the obvious thing to do is attend classroom training or instructor-led training - depending on the time available to you, that will be either day-time or evening classes. Some colleges now also offer studying at weekends so that if you are working full-time or long hours you can still manage to carry out your studies in English.

But what are your options other than classroom? If your time is limited and classroom training isn't always possible due to the costs of the courses then what else can you do to learn English?

English books: Probably the most convenient form allowing you to brush-up while on a bus, during your lunch break or during those regular traffic jams. This is a good way revise what you have learnt during an English course but you cannot hear how a word or phrase is spoken without some form of audio assistance. Books should always be used in addition to some form of audio learning whether it is CD, Online, Cassette or Video.

CBT (Computer Based Training): This can be either in CD format on web based / online format. The advantage here is that you can study at your own leisure - at work or at home (you need a PC of course). The great thing is that you've got a bunch of English CDs or English Books that you can use for as long as you like. Learning English using online training is generally cheaper due to there being no printed media. All the advantages of CBT, except you need to be connected to the internet.

Language Cassettes/Videos: Demand has greatly reduced for these media - probably due to the fact that you can't just 'jump' to the section/chapter you are interested in. However if you want to learn using audio tapes in your car then this is a great way to learn English as you can hear it and then repeat it to yourself whilst driving. Nowadays there are companies selling downloads so you can use the learning English software via your MP3 player or iPod.

The English courses available cover from beginner to advanced levels of learning as well as specific courses such as business English. When selecting an English course you need to make sure it is going to be right at the right level for you – taking an advanced course before learning the English basics will not be good idea.


We can offer the following CD based English courses:

Both of the English CD courses cover Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels of language learning for a range of languages including English.

If you are looking for an English qualification, we also offer a GCSE English CD as well as a GCSE English distance learning course.

The best way to learn English would be to study in England. You get to learn the language first hand whilst in the same country where it is spoken as the first language.

There are many colleges and specialist English institutes offering a wide range of English Courses to fit in with your times and budgets. If you can only study from home - you could consider an online course for English or a CD-ROM course. There are some correspondence courses available but to practice the way to speak and learn the sounds is best with an audio course.

The better choice would be in a classroom where you can learn the language and interact with the other students. You can learn your English lessons and then can practice with your fellow students, and then also when you are out and about in England.

If you have access to the internet, this is great as you will find useful links, resources and tools to help you to learn English and speak English. You learn through practice so make full use of the online exercises and tests that will show you how much English language you have learnt through your study.

Learn English GCSE
Master English GCSE

Learn English - Speak English


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